Friday, December 27, 2013

How was your Holidays?

Hey star dollies! I am back with the latest news! Okay so... I have a huge surprise coming up on my next video! It has to do with free gifts and something else... Well that pretty much gives it away! But if your interested, don't forget to join my club: Real_DEALS. It has all the real deals out there! From free SD to free LE & Antidote rares! So don't forget to put that on your to-do list! Next up we have another great addition to this! As this blog gets more views and gets more popular, I will be taking requests on shout-outs, I will also be advertising bazaars, and NCG, and MSW when the time comes! So just add me and I will take care of that right away! But as you guys request, remember, I am only one person. Next up we have holiday gossip! Have you heard of the new Holiday Pass? I bought it as soon as possible! It is mega-cool! It has loads of SD and SC, clothes, and get this, not 1, but 2 months of membership! And get this, once I bought it, I became a royalty member! How cool is that? What a merry merry Christmas to me! And a Merry Christmas to you! Anyways! Don't forget to check in weekly. Here are the links to my YouTube chanel, and my star doll page!

My Stardoll Page
My YouTube Account

Thanks Dollies! -Kylie xoxo

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