Friday, March 14, 2014

Don't Mind Me

I feel so horrible right now! I have been going on another website, being the ignorant idiot I am, I was ignoring you star dollies! How rude of me! For shame. *puts two sets of two fingers in shameful way* Any who! UPDATE!!! So I got back on a few days ago, and it just so happened that... Stardoll has OVER 3,000,000 star dollies! How exciting is that? Just think about it, it's new competition, new gossip & you get the gist... Also! You know that awesome store Callie's Picks [one of my favorite]? Well, it's on issue no. 11 which is pretty awesome, it's inspired by, I think, Carnival! Not so sure, quite yet, but I'm trying. I also checked to see that there is a new Carnival inspired make-up set by Transform! The first thing I did was create this beautiful look! And guess what?!! I'm making the video for it as I type! Literally. As. I. Type. Just kidding. But, I'm working on it:

Honestly I think it's coming out great! As you can see I tried out MANY hair styles, and I thought this was perfect, especially with the outfit I have planned. Today I am planning 2 YouTube videos. One on the Carnival look [shown above], and